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Premium Service WiFi

Wi-Fi 6 certified system provide the

absolute best performance

for your entire home.

Blazing Fast

Universal Wi-Fi offers next generation performance with the access you need for any online activity!

Fully Managed

​Always on and managed

so you have peace of mind.

Support when it matters.

Control when you choose.

Go beyond Wi-Fi. 
Connectivity is essential. Managing your home is a luxury. CommandIQ™ makes it easy to establish, maintain, and update your home network.

Support, control, protection, and peace of mind is on-demand 24/7, 365. The options are limitless as to what you can control!

Available on the app store or google play store.

Secure and Smart.

Get network protection for all your devices with ProtectIQ™. It’s built into your Ultimate Wi-Fi system and guards your home against network slowdowns and down time.

Block Malicious Sites​​​​​
ProtectIQ™ identifies and blocks known malicious sites, preventing
hackers even before you click to keep your home office secure.

Protects against attacks with commercial-grade intrusion protection.

Stop Viruses
ProtectIQ™ is constantly updated to stay ahead of the latest threats and stops viruses from entering your network.

Keep your family safe-guarded.

When your entire life is operating out of your home, work life balance can seem non-existent. ExperienceIQ™ delivers the control you need in a uncontrollable world.

Advanced Filtering

Filter entire categories of the internet, apps, and individual websites.

Setup Profiles

Create “work mode” schedules to prioritize work or school devices.

Pause Internet

Within seconds, pause the internet for one person or everyone.

Constant Security
Advanced malware protection provides updates to the latest security protocols - keeping you ahead of malware and virus threats.

You set the boundaries, we help enforce them.

Take control of your Internet today.

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