Message Manager 2.0 (Voicemail Reinvented)

BTC Message Manager is a powerful new communication management service that allows you to check your messages through a phone, website, or email. A voicemail can be received as an attachment and you can be notified of a new voicemail via text. BTC Message Manager is for everyone. Whether you’re in the office, at home or on the road, Message Manager allows you to manage your voicemail messages using your laptop, PC or cell phone.


  • Multiple Voicemail folders
  • Access for remote users
  • Cell Notification
  • Multiple personalized greetings
  • Call Screening
  • Email Client Integration using IMAP


  • Unified Voicemail
  • Message Alert
  • Manage all your messages and settings online
  • No contract
  • No software to install

You can choose any of our packages to fit your needs. We make it possible with a choice of the Message Personal, Message Plus and Message Pro.

Message Personal- $4.95/mo  (Residential Only)
  • 1 voicemail box
Message Pro- $12.95/mo   (Business Only)
  • 1 main voicemail box w/ 9 sub-voicemail boxes
  • Auto-attendant menu
Message Plus- $6.95/mo  (Residential Only)
  • 1 main voicemail box w/ 4 sub-voicemail boxes
  • Auto-attendant menu

Message Manager 2.0 Full User’s Guide

Message Manager 2.0 User’s Guide

Message Manager 2.0 Menu Options


* Customer understands that BTC Broadband may change or modify the BTC Message Manager technology structure that may result in Customer experiencing lost messages or service disruptions into the voicemail server, 918-364-0994. All local taxes apply. BTC Message Manager may be sold anywhere in the Tulsa Metro area. Storage capacity of the mailbox is 100MB for email and 100 voicemails per box. $1.00 for each additional Message Manager box. Customers who do not have telephone service provided by BTC Broadband will need to contact their telephone provider to set up call forwarding busy line and call forward don’t answer to the voicemail server. Standard service activation fees apply when adding this service. Call for additional details.