To protect our customers and mitigate telephone fraud, we automatically block outgoing international dialing (including Alaska and Hawaii). The Long Distance plan included in the HPBX plan is for the lower 48 states. If you want International Calling or calling to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, etc., you will need to sign the International Calling request form.   

International Calling Protection Measures:

  • International calling is automatically restricted, unless you sign the International Calling Request Form and request specific country codes.
    • All other country codes are still restricted.
  • We blacklist certain high risk countries.
  • We have Internal Alarming on call volume within a 10 minutes window.
  • There are thresholds so trunks are automatically shut off if we exceed certain dollar amounts.
    • There is no backup routing for International Calling.

For additional information, please call (918) 366-8000.