Telephone Repair Service Info


BTC Broadband is committed to providing customers with excellent service and will fix problems that occur as soon as possible.

As a BTC Broadband customer, you are responsible for maintaining your telephone line between the Network Interface Device (NID) up to and including your telephone set. To repair problems on your side of the NID (which is usually a gray box attached to the outside of your house) requires a charge, unless you subscribe to Wire Protection Plan (an optional monthly service for residential and small business customers that provides repair protection for the telephone jacks and wiring inside your home or business.)

BTC Broadband strives to provide our customers with the best telephone service possible. When customers have occasional problems, we try to solve those problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. Repairs of the wiring outside of your home or business are covered by the fee you pay for basic telephone service.

Here are a few simple things to do before calling Repair Service:

  1. Look for symptoms on your telephone set(s) like cracked plastic housing, a broken or frayed cord, or lights that don’t work.
  2. If you have more than one phone, make sure each phone’s receiver is on the hook. If none of the phones are off the hook, unplug every phone and other instruments, such as answering machines, cordless phones, computers, modems, satellite TV receivers, and alarm systems. Then, plug each phone back into any wall jack one at a time and check each for dial tone. The telephone that causes the line to go dead is the one that needs repair.
  3. If your phone or phones appear to be working, take a working phone (not a cordless phone) to your network interface. This box is usually located on the outside wall of your home or business near the electric meter. This is where BTC Broadband’s outside lines and your inside telephone wiring connect or interface. Open the box and locate the test jack inside. Remove the modular plug from the test jack and insert the phone jack from your phone.

If the problem disappears when you use the test jack, the problem is in your inside telephone wiring or jacks. If the problem still occurs, the problem is in the outside telephone lines. Call our repair service center for assistance at (918) 366-7000. You will not be charged for any repairs to BTC Broadband’s lines which are located on our side of the network interface at your home or business.

If the Trouble Is In: Your Telephone Set

Since we are not authorized to make repairs on phones or equipment, they should be made by the manufacturer or any other source you choose.

If the Trouble Is In: Our Lines

There are absolutely no charges for any repairs to our telephone lines, which are located on BTC Broadband’s side of the network interface at your home or place of business.

If the Trouble Is In: Your Wiring

To avoid repair costs on inside wiring, subscribe to Wire Protection Plan. Wire Protection Plan covers only wiring and jacks which were in working condition at the time the service was connected and which meet BTC Broadband’s technical standards. Wire Protection Plan does not cover the repair or replacement of your wire damaged by natural disasters, such as flood, wind, tornado, riot, acts of war, gross negligence, pets or rodents, willful damage and/or vandalism, or total destruction by fire. Wire Protection Plan does not cover cut or damaged wiring from the pedestal to the NID on your house.

Prior to subscribing to Wire Protection Plan, customers in leased facilities, condominiums or cooperative dwellings should check to determine whether they are responsible for repairs to the telephone wire inside on their premises.

Repair of your telephone equipment by our repair personnel is not provided by Wire Protection Plan.