Do-Not-Call List

Say “Do-Not-Call” to Unwanted Telemarketing

The Federal Trade Commission has established a National Do-Not-Call Registry for residential consumers that do not wish to receive commercial solicitation over their telephone.

The greatest protection against telemarketers may be realized by registration on both the State of Oklahoma Do-Not-Call list and Federal Do-Not-Call list. Many of you may have already registered for the state list. By registering with both lists you will be covered, whether the business that wants to call you is regulated by state or federal law.

There are some businesses and situations that are exempt from the rules, and you will still receive calls from them, although the number of calls you receive should be reduced significantly. The Federal rules preclude telephone solicitation for commercial purposes only, but allows solicitation made by political organizations, charities, telephone surveyors, or companies with whom customers have an existing business relationship with the last 18 months of registration. You may register your residential phone number(s) or cell phone number(s) on the Federal list by calling the toll free number, 1-888-382-1222 and for TTY access 866-290-4236 from the number you wish to register. Or, register on the Internet at You may also revoke your registration by calling the numbers or accessing the website listed in this message.