BTC Broadband Offers Oklahoma’s First Ultra High Speed Internet – Residential Speeds Up to 300 Mb

Bixby, OK – February 24, 2014 – Continuing their commitment to offer cutting edge telecommunications services throughout Northeast Oklahoma, BTC Broadband is now offering ultra-high speed residential Internet speeds of up to 300 Mb to their Fiber-To-The-Home customers.  “The 300”, as they’re calling it, comes with a mind-blowing 300 Mb download speed with an unlimited bandwidth allowance.

Consumer usage trends are growing exponentially and people are using more internet-connected devices than ever before.   BTC is adding this mammoth tier and modifying all their Internet offerings to satisfy people’s increasing need to quickly stream, download and connect multiple devices simultaneously.    “Fiber makes it possible for us to offer a better high speed internet service at a more competitive price than our competition. We are proud to be the first company in Oklahoma to offer commercially available internet speeds up to 300 Mb to the home. That is 3 times faster than COX’s top residential speed,” said Scott Floyd, BTC Broadband President.

BTC Broadband has Fiber-to-the-Home capability in 43 separate home developments within the BTC service area, an equivalent of a 90% fiber coverage area.   So in addition to offering “The 300” Mb speed, BTC is also unveiling a 100 Mb tier as well as higher upload speeds and bandwidth allowances in their 10, 25 and 60 Mb tiers.   “Our cable competitor likes to run commercials comparing their internet with (decades old) DSL technology when the truth is BTC has been installing fiber to the home for the last 8 years.  We offer faster speeds at a better price”, continued Floyd.

Interested customers may contact BTC Broadband at 918-366-8000 for information on all their products and services.

In business since 1914, BTC Broadband is a cutting-edge broadband communications company, offering local telephone, high speed internet and DIRECTV services in Bixby, Oklahoma.  They provide business telecommunication services, including carrier class high speed internet, long distance, DIRECTV, data networking and business phone systems  throughout NE Oklahoma.   BTC Broadband is located at 11134 S. Memorial, Bixby, OK 74008.    

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