BTC Broadband Provides Computer Repair

Bixby, OK – BTC Broadband now offers computer repair service to help with virus or other computer problems. BTC Computer Specialists provide advanced technical support such as help with computer problems, configuration of network equipment, installation of peripherals (printers, scanners, monitors, keyboard, etc.) and computer troubleshooting problems such as virus or spyware infections.

On average, every 5 seconds a computer gets infected with a virus. Computer viruses can delete files, format hard drives or scramble the data on them, and other dangerous actions such as replicate itself to increase infection. Computer users are often frustrated and don’t have time to analyze problems with their computer. BTC Broadband offers free diagnostics with drop-off service.

“Most customers need basic help such as defragging their computer and general clean-up.” said Jody Bell, BTC Computer Specialist. A variety of on-site services are available including Security Set-up and Network Set-up packages.

BTC Computer Specialists are trained technicians that can help you over the phone, visit your home or business, or you may drop off your computer at the BTC Broadband Customer Service Center at 11134 S. Memorial in Bixby. Call 366-4040 for more information.