BTC Changes Name

Emphasizing that BTC is the “Same trusted old friend, but much better!” Lynn Pike, President and CEO, announced that Bixby Telephone Co. has officially changed its name to BTC Broadband.  “When we decided to compete in the market place as a broadband entertainment company, a name change was in order to fully convey BTC as a “high-tech broadband company.” We wanted a name that would communicate the full capabilities of the company,” he stated.  “This is an exciting decision that reflects the new direction of the company and exciting changes to products and services for our customers.  As BTC Broadband we have unlimited potential and an amazing future,” continued Pike.

BTC customers are already seeing product changes.  New 4 & 6 Meg High Speed Broadband Internet speeds are now available to residential and business customers. “A major investment in new technology to upgrade our network allows us to offer up to 6 Meg Internet and boast “No one beats our speed!” It’s true, our 4 & 6 Meg standard offerings are the fastest in the BTC Service Area. If a customer needs a custom speed higher than that we can certainly accommodate them,”said Scott Floyd, Director of Sales and Marketing.  BTC is in the process of notifying current Internet customers about free upgrades to new higher speeds at no cost increase.

“We are much more than a telephone company; we’re an entertainment company.  Investments in our network allow us to become a conveyor of advanced products and services delivered over broadband.  This is all about providing the biggest network pipes to the home or business. We now have the ability to offer some of the highest capacity broadband access to the home, making the popular triple play–voice, video and data, possible,” said Pike.  BTC Broadband is preparing to launch TV service that will complete the triple play and take them beyond the level of Cox, SBC and Valor, in first quarter 2006.

Customers can call BTC Broadband at 366-8000 for more information on all products.